ephemeral dog tattoo

The only real tattoo that last 1-3 years.

Say no to painful laser removal. Our made-to-fade tattoos go away on their own or your money back. Self-expression for who you are today, not forever.

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All Ephemerals will 100% fade away. Your body's natural response to the ink may mean that you are able to remove the ink faster or slower. This paired with the placement and your chosen design will affect your fade timeline.

All of these images are to illustrate the difference between individual journeys in the same time frame.

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ear tattoo 1 day

Day 1

ear tatto 5 months

5 Months

ear tattoo 10 months

10 Months

ear tatto 17 months

17 Months

vase tattoo day 1

Day 1

vase tatto 4 months

4 Months

vase tattoo 6 months

6 Months

vase tattoo 10 months

10 Months

dog tattoo day 1

Day 1

dog tattoo 3 months

3 Months

dog tattoo 9 months

9 Months

dog tattoo 19 months

19 Months

ganesha tattoo day 1

Day 1

ganesha tatto 7 months

7 Months

ganesha 11 months

11 Months

ganesha tattoo 15 months

15 Months

Ephemerals Fade Away

Our ink breaks down and is naturally broken down from your body so fades will vary from person to person, but your Ephemeral will 100% fade away or your money back.

We promise your money back if your Ephemeral tattoo lasts longer than three years.

Best-in-Class Tattoo Quality

We believe you will love your Ephemeral the moment you leave our studios. If there’s an opportunity to make it even better, whether by adding a small detail or perfecting a line, we’re happy to do so.

We now offer a complimentary touch-up within 60 days of your appointment.

Tattoos that Last At Least a Year

Our earliest prototypes lasted days, then weeks, and eventually months. Today our tattoos are vibrant and last longer, but still without the commitment.

We guarantee a complimentary replacement tattoo if your Ephemeral lasts less than a year.

These promises reflect our belief that you’ll love your Ephemeral. Full stop. And that no matter where you fall on the fade range, your tattoo will 100% fade away.

models with tattoos
ephemeral tattoo vibrancy over time chart

How does this ink fade on average?

After the tattoo is applied, enjoy your new art at its full vibrancy. After a few months, you may see it starting to fade. Our ink breaks down and is naturally removed from the body at a non-linear rate, which means that the fade may be drastic at first and then appear to be slowing later.

70% of Ephemeral customers can expect their fade to complete in under two years.

Learn more about how it works

How do you measure where you are in your fade?

We use this tool to determine where someone sits in their current fade timeline.
Because of the non-linear reduction rate of the ink, your time in each phase won't be the same as the others in your journey.

ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 10


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 09


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 08


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 07


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 06


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 05


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 04


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 03


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 02


ephemeral tattoo vibrancy 01


*images are rendered to illustrate tattoo fade stages