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1. Purchase your Tattoo Bundle of choice — The Plus One, or The Group Chat. You’ll get an email confirmation with a unique promo code after purchase.

2. Schedule your appointment(s) — Check out our studios' page to pick your local Ephemeral Studio and click “book now” to secure a time slot. If you’re going with a friend (or several), book easily as a group! Only one person needs to book and we will reach out for more information before your appointments. Also, share with a friend across the country! The promo code works at every studio, so if your friend is far from you but you still want bestie tattoos, you can still get them “together”!

3. Show your promo code at checkout (in-studio) — We’ll email your promo code to you, and all you need to do is show it in-studio when you’re checking out. All tattoo bundle promo codes are valid and exchangeable for only these tattoo types; pre-designed Flash, one-of-a-kind custom Subtle, or Standout designs. If you have more uses remaining on your promo code, set up another appointment for your next Ephemeral!

  • For one tattoo

    Schedule your appointment regularly through our online booking flow. You will redeem your code at checkout in your studio.
  • To get more than one tattoo at once

    Schedule a tattoo appointment for however many you want to redeem so we can ensure you the right amount of time in our studios. Use our online booking process to book each appointment for yourself or book easily for a group.
  • For larger parties

    For parties with four or more people, contact your Ephemeral studio directly to make a group appointment via email or phone. You will redeem your codes at checkout in your studio.

Tattoo bundles promo codes are shareable and transferable. Just make sure you forward the code to a friend so they can share it at checkout in-studio when they get their Ephemeral. If you’re purchasing a tattoo bundle to give to someone, just forward them the confirmation email with the promo code in it, and they’re good to go!

Tattoo bundle promo codes must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase and do not roll over.

Tattoo bundles promo codes are redeemable for only these tattoo types; pre-designed Flash, one-of-a-kind custom Subtle, or Standout designs. One redemption of promo code is exchanged for one tattoo. Promo codes are shareable, fully refundable before first redemption, and can be split between two or more parties/appointments. You must present your promo code at checkout in-studio (during your appointment) to redeem. For questions regarding redemption email