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Oops that reservation has already been used!

Sorry, you need a reservation before you can book an appointment. Follow the link in your email when appointments open up to use your reservation to book.

Small and simple line designs.
$175 - $225

More complex, medium to large designs.
$350 - $450

Due to high demand and artist schedules, all appointments are final.

If you cancel your appointment 2 days before your scheduled date, your deposit will be lost and you will be charged $100 cancellation fee.

Nope! After you book your appointment we'll email you a link to a design survey where you can share your inspiration before you arrive.

You can upload up to two ideas we just ask you complete your design 2 days before the appointment to avoid our $100 cancellation fee.

Nope! You will pay for the full price of your Ephemeral after your appointment. Your reservation will go toward the cost of your full tattoo.

As for tipping, our artists don't work on commission and are paid on a salary basis, so the tips are included in the pricing.

Ephemeral Tattoos tend to take between 1 - 3 hours depending on the size and placement of your design.

In the spirit of keeping our artists, staff, and client safe, we unfortunately cannot allow friends to come with you during the appointment.