Team USA Flash Collection

Olympic and Paralympic Games | Paris 2024

Team USA Tattoo Design

The Torch Tattoo Design

Laurel Wreath Tattoo Design

Victory Flag Tattoo Design

The Runner Tattoo Design

Go For The Gold Tattoo Design

Elegant Dive Tattoo Design

B-Boy/B-Girl Tattoo Design

The Winged Sandal Tattoo Design

Ceremony in Paris Tattoo Design

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Team USA Flash Collection

Team USA is marking the start of the Road to Paris! For many Olympians and Paralympians, getting a tattoo commemorating the Games is a rite of passage—one that we want to share with you.

We’ve created custom temporary tattoo designs inspired by the legacy of the Games so you can be a part of Team USA.

Starting July 26th, we’re giving away hundreds of our made-to-fade tattoos to celebrate the countdown to Paris 2024.

how to choose a flash design


Choose the design that you love, a location and date that works with your schedule, and confirm your appointment! Please note that anybody is welcome to get a tattoo from the Team USA Flash Collection at Ephemeral, but only winners of the Team USA sweepstakes are eligible to redeem their Team USA tattoo for free.

Are you a Team USA free tattoo winner? Book your appointment now and redeem with your code in-studio!

how to choose a flash design
tattoo stencil application


Find your favorite Ephemeral approved Artist Partner when you select Get The Tattoo. Contact them to get started and to finalize the best date for your tattoo! They will work with you on design, sizing and placement.

“Let’s try some size options to find the right one for you.”

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Your artist will provide a goodie bag with everything you need, including anti-itch cream, gentle soap, healing reminder instructions, and more.

“Message your artist if you have any questions, they are there for you!"

tattoo aftercare supplies
tattoo aftercare supplies


Depending on your design and body, you can expect your tattoo to start getting lighter and lighter over time. Ephemeral ink is designed to fade and your tattoo timeline will differ from others. A standard fade is within 3 years.

“I wanted to test the design before deciding if I wanted to commit to a traditional tattoo that will be around forever.”


Each artist sets their own pricing. "Flash" tattoos, or pre-designed tattoos, are typically priced lower than custom tattoos. These Floral Realness flash tattoos are ready to go and can be shared directly with your artist. e as customizable as you’d like!

It really depends on your personal pain tolerances and where you are getting tattooed. For most people, arms and legs are typically less painful compared to ribs and more bony (or sensitive) areas like elbows and knees.

Tattooing can often be described as feeling like a scratch and vibration sensation at once. Some can relax into the sensation and fall asleep, while some do better with distraction techniques.

Some tips on making things easier:

  • Take ibuprofen before your appointment
  • Eat and hydrate before your appointment
  • Don’t be afraid to take breaks! When you need a minute to adjust, your artist will always take the time and care you need to stay comfortable throughout your appointment

Ephemeral tattoos follow the same age restrictions as permanent tattoos.