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Our Ink & The Fade

Ephemeral’s ink looks, acts, and is applied just like a conventional tattoo—the only difference is that it can be fully removed by your body’s immune system, making it the perfect balance between a temporary tattoo and a permanent tattoo.

Our ink is biodegradable and is naturally broken down over time by your body's immune system. Traditional ink particles are too large to be broken down by your body. Our ink is different–but only in ways invisible to the eye–and made-to-fade.

Everyone’s fade may look a little different. Take a look at our How It Works page to learn more about why and how fade varies and examples of how fade journeys can differ. You can also take a look at the fade journey of this husband and wife who got their tattoos on the exact same day.

The first noticeable attribute of a fading Ephemeral tattoo is a change in ink saturation. This is typically most obvious when you see your Ephemeral going from a dark black to a light gray.

That depends on a few things. There are five primary factors at play when talking about your tattoo’s longevity expectations. Some are within your control and some are not. The factors that are in your control are the tattoo’s design (thin vs. thick lines, shading, size), placement (where on your body), and aftercare. The remaining factors, like your skin physiology and the immune system are unique to each individual.

With all these variables at play, we know that 70% of Ephemerals will fade in under 2 years based on the most popular tattoo design and placement choices customers make today. Regardless of where your Ephemeral tattoo falls in this range, rest assured: Your tattoo will completely fade. We guarantee that our tattoos will last at least a year and no more than three or your money back.

Regardless of where your Ephemeral tattoo falls in this range, rest assured knowing that it will fade away.

Yes, our ink is vegan—we don’t use any animal-derived ingredients or byproducts.

All Ephemeral tattoos are currently done in black ink, since it’s the most popular color, is preferred by most tattoo artists and looks great with fine line work.

As we expand, we plan to develop Ephemeral color ink, so sign up for our newsletter at the footer to learn about our product launches.

Yes, all Ephemeral tattoos will completely fade away.

Given the physical and chemical nature and known degradation rates of components in our ink, it is essentially impossible for an Ephemeral tattoo to be permanent. As long as there is water present in a tattoo wearer's body, Ephemeral tattoos will break down and will be naturally removed.

Yes and we believe we have set the bar for safety in the tattoo industry.

The materials used in Ephemeral ink are commonly used in food and medical devices. In addition, we:

  • Chose materials that break down into components that are native to, naturally occurring, or used by our body (such as carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen).
  • Chose materials previously tested for biocompatibility and are approved for surgical use, drug delivery, and other applications to minimize undesired adverse responses.
  • Avoided all metallic components and all known carcinogenic and teratogenic components.
  • Avoided animal-based or animal-derived components.

Regret Nothing Guarantee

The Regret Nothing Guarantee is our promise that reflects our belief that you’ll love your Ephemeral. This means...

Tattoos that Last At Least a Year
We guarantee a complimentary replacement tattoo if your Ephemeral lasts less than a year.

Maximum Fade Duration
70% of customers can expect to fade in under two years. While fade times vary, your Ephemeral will 100% fade away. We promise your money back if your Ephemeral tattoo lasts longer than three years.

Best-in-Class Tattoo Quality
We believe you will love your Ephemeral the moment you leave our studios. We offer a complimentary touch-up within 60 days of your appointment.

Learn more about the Regret Nothing Guarantee.

Simply reach out by filling out this form and we'll be in touch within 24-72 hours.


The Subtle Ephemeral, small and simple tattoo designs, are $195 - $245.
The Statement Ephemeral, more complex and intricate tattoos with shading, are $350- $550.

Our prices reflect our philosophy of providing artists with guaranteed income, include up to 20% tips for all artists, include aftercare products for all clients and fund continous improvements in our experience.

Your initial reservation deposit counts towards your final price of your tattoo.

A deposit means that the studio cannot book anyone else on that date, and means that your artist has begun designing your tattoo idea.
The deposit is non-refundable to make up for any work our studios need to do to refill that time lost or artist time spent.

The industry average for tattoo deposits ranges from $50-$200, Ephemeral's deposits are only $20.

In traditional shops it's best practice to tip your tattoo artist 20%. At Ephemeral we already include the tip in the total cost of the tattoo.

Our artists aren't paid on commision and are paid a salary—that's why our tip is included in all our prices. Our prices reflect our philosophy of providing artists with financial security and to fund continous improvements in our experience.

After you make a reservation, you'll get a Design Survey that will tell you if your design falls into our Subtle or Statement category.

The final price of your Ephemeral depends on the exact design you want and is determined in-studio with your tattoo artist during your appointment and before you get tattooed. Don't worry you'll get a full consultation and transparent pricing as a part of your appointment—no surprises.

We accept all major credit cards and are cashless. Note: we cannot currently split payments.

Booking Your Tattoo

Once you submit your design survey, you'll unlock the ability to book an appointment. We ask you to secure your appointment with a $20 deposit that goes towards the final price of your tattoo (determined in studio).

Appointments are availble as soon as 48 hours and as far as 4 weeks in advance.

Appointments open 4 weeks in advance.

If you do not see a date that works for you, there is an option to contact your studio on the booking page. Our studio teams will be in touch within 48-72 hours.

Once you fill out the design survey and enter the booking flow, you'll see an option contact your studio team with a preferred time.

Our studio teams will be in touch within 48-72 hours to do our best to accomodate your preference.

After you submit your design survey! Simply tell us where you are with your tattoo idea and then select the time that works for you.

Appointment times range depending on the size and level of detail for your design.

The Subtle Ephemeral will take 1-2 hours. More complex and larger pieces, Statement Ephemeral, can take 3-5 hours.

Cancellations & Reschedules

Our studio team and tattoo artists begin reviewing your design and preparing for your appointment. This means every time a client cancels our artists cannot recoup that time.

Out of respect for our artists all cancellations within 72 hours will be charged a $100 fee.

If you are unable to make it your appointment please reach out to the studio team 1 week in advance. We prefer that you let our studio team know sooner rather than later.

Because we begin preparing for your tattoo well in advance of your arrival, if you reschedule within 72 hours of your appointment, you'll be charged a $50 reschedule fee.

If you cancel or rescheudle your appointment, we consider your despoit "used" and unrefundable.


Masks are optional for both customers and staff. Our artists will be wearing masks while tattooing. If you don’t bring one and want one, we will supply you with a mask.

We’ve done everything we can to make health and safety a priority for you and our staff.

  • There east 6 feet of distance between workstations.
  • Everything that is touched will be sanitized and disinfected, this includes all devices, tools, products, and all surfaces.
  • Studio professionally deep cleaned weekly.

No you do not need to show proof of vaccination.

Other Questions

You must be 18+ to get an Ephemeral tattoo, regardless of parental consent.

All Ephemeral tattoos are currently done in black ink since it’s the most popular color, is preferred by most tattoo artists, and looks great with fine line work.