A Note from Our CEO

July 7, 2021
Today marks an exciting moment for Ephemeral Tattoo. Not only have we completed our Series A funding round, but we've officially announced our LA studio opening this Fall! None of this would have been possible without the support of those who have believed in this “crazy” idea from the beginning - so we wanted to say THANK YOU, and give you a bit of background on how we got to this exciting milestone.

Nearly seven years ago, Ephemeral Tattoo co-founders Vandan, Brennal and Josh became obsessed with the question of “why”: Why are tattoos permanent? And why can’t they be made-to-fade? They couldn’t believe that a 12,000 year old invention had seen almost zero innovation aside from painful laser removal and temporary tattoos.

Coming from immigrant households, all three founders felt the urge to express their individuality and take control of their bodies with tattoos, but felt restrained by traditional familial values. So, they set out to try to find an answer.

Fast forward to 2020, on the brink of a technical breakthrough, I met the team and was immediately struck by our shared experiences. The grit and conviction of the Ephemeral team resonated with me. As a first generation Chinese American, I was always told tattoos were off limits, that I should keep my head down and take the conventional path. Instead I ran after the “crazy” ideas — I joined Tesla to sell cars, and then Casper to sell mattresses. With Ephemeral, it was déjà vu. It’s about so much more than tattoos; it’s about the freedom to express yourself without limits.

Tattoos are the ultimate vehicle for that self-expression. They belong only to you and your body. They reflect your creativity in the most personal way. And now, we’re making it possible for them to change with you, as you and your identity grow.

At Ephemeral, we see a world of endless creativity, where individuality is no longer commodified by the latest apparel trend. A world where everyone can take control of their own identity and express who they really are – right then, in the moment, without regret.

You, our community, have shown us that you believe in this same future. With this new fundraise in place, we’re immediately getting to work: More ink colors, more tattoo inspiration, and more studios prioritized based on where we receive the most reservations.

Thank you to the thousands of you who have placed a deposit, who have introduced your friends and family to Ephemeral, and those who have been patiently waiting as we hire more artists and expand appointment schedules.

Thank you to our newest investors: Anthos Capital, Gaingels, The Syndicate and Lauren Maillan. Your belief in Ephemeral’s vision and shared value set will accelerate our mission. And a big thank you as well to our existing investors that participated in this round: Primary Venture Partners, Canaan Partners and TechStars. You believed in Ephemeral when we were just a “crazy idea” and have stuck with us all the way through.

Jeff Liu,