A few of our favorite Ephemerals

Not gonna lie, we love all of 'em. Nerdy, cute, weird, dainty, bold, trendy — but we can't wait to hear your ideas about the perfect tattoo!

What makes Ephemeral different

Real tattoos that really disappear

Ephemeral tattoo ink is the first ink designed to naturally fade over time. Exact fade times depend on person, placement, and design, and they always fade away 100%.

Biology and technology? Meet limitless self-expression.

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Explore the Montrose Ephemeral studio.

No two Ephemeral studios are alike. See what makes our Montrose location special.


Explore Who You Are Without Hesitation

Tattoos That Last At Least a Year

If your Ephemeral lasts less than a year, the next one is on us.

Maximum Fade Duration

We promise your money back if your Ephemeral tattoo lasts longer than three years.

Best-in-Class Tattoo Quality

Come back in for a complimentary touch-up within 60 days of your appointment.

Get inspired by our creators

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