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Which Temporary Tattoo is Right for You?

Soft tattoo

Which Temporary Tattoo is Right for You?

Tattoos have been around for a long time, but more people than ever before are opting to get inked these days—but not all of them are opting for a forever tattoo. The swell of tattoo enthusiasm has created space for some pretty remarkable temporary alternatives.

No, it won’t be permanent, but your temporary tattoo should still be something you’re thrilled to have on your body right now. So deciding what to ink (even temporarily) isn’t always easy, but it should definitely be fun. Consider this a kickstart to your brainstorming session.

Which Temporary Tattoo is for You?

Let’s look at the three main types of temporary tattoos you should know about:

Stickers: These are decal images attached to a removable sheet. They’re typically applied by wetting the backing and pressing the image directly to your skin’s surface. They’re easy to apply yourself or with the help of a friend.

Henna: This temporary, paste-like dye is made from a natural powder derived from the henna plant. It’s well-known in South Asian cultures (often referred to as “mehndi”) and is woven into countless deep-rooted traditions and celebrations. Henna is applied to the skin without a needle, making it simple to apply to your own body (as long as you trust your own artistry).

Ephemeral: Ephemeral tattoos are applied just like permanent tattoos—by a professional artist with a needle, in studio—using a specialized ink that fades over time.

How Long Do You Want Your Temporary Tattoo to Last?

What makes most temporary tattoos temporary is that they are designed to sit on the skin’s surface. Humans shed around one million skin cells in a 24-hour period. Every 2-4 weeks, your skin undergoes a natural regeneration cycle as new cells push their way to the top. As your body sheds older, surface-level skin cells, most temporary tattoos fade and disappear. (Ephemerals are the exception here–more on that below.) 

Here’s a look at longevity according to temporary tattoo type:

Stickers: Durability often depends on the quality of the tattoo sticker. More premium stickers can last 1-2 weeks, but others can fade in 3-7 days.

Henna: Typically lasts between 1-2 weeks.

Ephemeral: Ephemerals are applied below the top skin layer, so unlike stickers or henna, they don’t disappear with shedding skin cells. Instead, the ink itself fades (and ultimately disappears) over the course of about 9-15 months.

What’s Your Tattoo Budget?

Ask yourself some questions and do some math. Do you plan on sporting a new tattoo each month? Each season? Is this a fashion statement for a one-time-only event? Are you testing something you’re thinking about getting done permanently? The bottom line is this: How long do you want it to stay? This will determine how much you should invest in your temporary tattoo.

If you want something for just a couple of weeks, sticker tattoos are your best bet, but the range in price is vast (about $100 on the cheap end to $400 for something higher quality). Henna may last a little longer, and costs range from $20 to $400 (for an extremely detailed piece).

If you want your tattoo to stick around for a bit, an Ephemeral tattoo should be your pick. Costs for Ephemerals run from $195 to $254 for subtle styles (like small and simple line designs) and from $350 to $550 for medium to large statement pieces. And one-time investment means you’re covered for about 9-15 months.

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