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I’m excited about the innovation Ephemeral represents - it opens up the world of body art to a wider audience. Together, we are minimizing regret, encouraging self-expression and creativity without the lifelong commitment. Ephemeral also allows for cultural and generational shifts in how tattoos are perceived, promoting a more inclusive and flexible approach to body art, especially in India.

I believe life is about progress, so I’ve always been a first mover with new tattoo technology: the rotatory machine in 2005, moving to cartridge needles and now Ephemeral ink.

-Lokesh Verma, Founder of Devil'z Tattooz and Ephemeral Artist Partner

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Reach New Customers

70% of existing Ephemeral customers are first-time tattoo wearers. They either want the freedom to change their designs in the future, to test the waters or simply cannot get a permanent tattoo. Be one of the first artists in your city to offer tattoos to a whole new audience.

See your Customers More Often

Tattoos are addictive. 1 in 4 Ephemeral tattoo wearers get their second tattoo within the first year of their first and over half plan to make their Ephemeral tattoos permanent. Become your customers' go-to-artist.

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