Start offering Made-to-Fade tattoo ink

Hundreds of thousands of folks want tattoos without the lifetime commitment. Now’s your chance to give it to ‘em!

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ephemeral temporary tattoo ink

Expand your ink offerings

We’ve given over 20k tattoos to people from all walks of life — Ephemeral ink fades within three years, letting people with cultural, religious, or personal stigma find out if tattoos are right for them.

First Time Tattoos

70% of Ephemeral customers’ first ever tattoo is an Ephemeral — offer tattoos to a whole new clientele base.

Try New Designs

50% of Ephemeral customers use Ephemeral to test out a design placement before getting a permanent tattoo.

Partner with us to improve!

This is the first time we’ve ever offered our ink to studios wholesale — take advantage of working with our passionate R&D team.

ephemeral temporary tattoo woman with arm tattoo

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