The Statement Ephemeral

STARTING AT $350 - $550

Make a statement with more intricate tattoos, medium
to large in size.

girl with tattoo
More complex details
Light or heavy shading
2”–5” in size

After you place your reservation, you'll recieve a design survey where you can share your inspiration and ideas. Once you book, our artists review your submissions and prepare a few drawings for your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, the artist will show you what they designed and you’ll have time to tweak/modify until it’s perfect. Please know that we want our clients to have zero regrets about their tattoo so we rarely have clients leave because they disliked the design.

After you make a reservation, you'll get a Design Survey that will tell you if your design falls into our Subtle or Statement category.

The final price of your Ephemeral depends on the exact design you want and is determined in-studio with your tattoo artist during your appointment and before you get tattooed. No surprises!

No need to tip. It's included! Our artists aren't paid on commision and are paid a salary—that's why our tip is included in all our prices.

Our prices reflect our philosophy of providing artists with financial security and to fund continous improvements in our experience.

Made-to-Fade vs. The Rest

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How does it work? Custom designs applied by world-class artists with our made-to-fade ink. Template stickers applied by anyone. Applied by an artist with no needle. Custom or pre-drawn designs applied by artists.
How long does it last? 70% of Ephemerals fade in under two years. 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks Forever
How much does it cost?" $195-$550 with tip included. $400-$1000 if you bought enough stickers to last a year. $100-$1000 plus tips depending on the size and artist. $100-$1000 plus tips depending on the size and artist.
Get Inspired.


Whether it’s your sun, moon or rising you’d like to get tattooed—our artists can bring it to life.


Our artists are well equipped in the animal art world—and can bring to life the design of your beloved pet or simply your favorite creature.

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The Subtle Ephemeral


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