The Subtle Ephemeral

SMALL | $175

Self-expression starts with the minimal tattoo design you’ve been obsessing over. Tiny to small tattoos line tattoos with no shading.

Person with tattoo
Simple and fine lines
Little or no shading
Up to 2 sq. inches

We have different tattoo services based on the size and the complexity of the tattoo (more details or more shading). All tattoo services are a flat price and include tax, the consultation, and an aftercare kit.

  • The Subtle Ephemeral ($175) are tiny to small tattoos with minimal with linework.

No worries if you’re on the fence about your size or product type. You’ll finalize this in the studio during your consultation before the tattooing begins.

Sometimes a tattoo might look larger or smaller on your body depending on your own unique portions and the placement. For example A smaller-sized tattoo might look visually larger on your shoulder than on your thigh. So we recommend considering tattoo size relative to your body and placement rather than exact inches.

That’s why every appointment includes a free consultation where your artist will present a few different sizes and placement options for you to try. We include size guidelines to help you but you’re not locked into place. Don’t get too hung up on that 1/2 inch difference if you’re torn between choosing a size since we can adjust this in the studio.

Appointments include a free in-studio design consultation where you get to work through the details of your idea with an artist to lock down placement, style, and pricing before any tattooing happens. We want you to love your Ephemeral and are here to answer questions and make the artwork for you.

If you come in for a consultation and realize that you don’t love the design, there’s no pressure to get your Ephemeral — we won’t charge you a cancellation.

All Ephemeral tattoos are currently available in BLACK ink only. Not only is it the most popular tattoo color, it’s preferred by most tattoo artists and allows fine-line work to stand out.

We are developing Ephemeral color ink (hint: 🔴). It’s a delicate process and takes time, but it’s on the horizon. Sign up for our newsletter in the footer to be the first to hear when new Ephemeral colors become available!

Face, hands, fingers, feet, and toes are unavailable currently till we are confident that these placements will give you the best quality tattoo and fade.

YES, all Ephemeral tattoos will completely fade away.

Given the physical and chemical nature and degradation rates of components in our ink, it is impossible for an Ephemeral tattoo to be permanent.

Ephemeral tattoos will break down and be naturally removed by any living human being with water present in their body ← you qualify!

floral orchid tattoo

The Standout


  • Up to 9 sq. inches ← Medium
  • Lines & light shading or more details that help your design stand out
  • Custom piece, including design consultation and aftercare kit
dramatic tattoo example

The Statement


  • Up to 25 sq. inches ← Large
  • Complex, detailed, & unlimited shading. Make a statement!
  • Custom piece, including design consultation and aftercare kit

Made-to-Fade vs. The Rest

ephemeral tattoo logo Stickers Henna Traditional
How does it work? Custom designs applied by world-class artists with our made-to-fade ink. Template stickers applied by anyone. Applied by an artist with no needle. Custom or pre-drawn designs applied by artists.
How long does it last? 70% of Ephemerals fade in under two years. 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks Forever
How much does it cost?" $175, $250, or $450 depending on tattoo type. $400-$1000 if you bought enough stickers to last a year. $100-$1000 plus tips depending on the size and artist. $100-$1000 plus tips depending on the size and artist.
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Ephemeral Lookbook

Need inspiration? Explore thousands of custom tattoo designs from our studios.

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Never be afraid to stand out

Our Best-in-Class quality tattoos fade in 1-3 years

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