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ephemeral tattoos

You are three steps away from getting your
 Made-to-Fade Ephemeral! Make your selections here, share your idea, and book!

Statement vs Subtle: What's the difference?

geometric tattoo design

Subtle Tattoos $195-$245

Small and simple line designs — perfect for minimalists or those testing placement! Subtle tattoos have very little to no shading, and generally will fade faster than statement tattoos.

butterfly tattoo design

Statement Tattoos $350-$550

Complex tattoos for those feeling bolder. These styles tend to fade slower than subtle tattoos because there is more ink used. All Ephemerals will disappear but the more ink used, the longer it will take.

See what others have done!

tattoo design consultation


Tell us your tattoo idea, find an appointment time that works for you and claim it by placing a $20 deposit.

“I’m inspired by the lemons that came from a tree my grandmother gave me, I’d like the leaves to be detailed.”

tattoo design consultation
tattoo stencil


On the day of your appointment, artists will adjust designs, try out placements, and finalize price. Then it’s time to stencil and tattoo!

“Let’s try some size options to find the right one for you.”

tattoo aftercare supplies


No need to buy aftercare supplies -- we'll provide a goodie bag with everything you need.

“Message your studio if you have any questions, we are here for you!"

tattoo aftercare supplies
ephemeral made-to-fade tattoos fade progress


Your tattoo will start getting lighter and lighter over time. Ephemeral ink is Made-to-Fade, your tattoo timeline will differ from others.

“I wanted to test the design before deciding if I wanted to commit to a traditional tattoo that will be around forever.”


The Subtle Ephemeral, small and simple tattoo designs, are $195 - $245.
The Statement Ephemeral, more complex and intricate tattoos with shading, are $350- $550.

Our prices reflect our philosophy of providing artists with guaranteed income, include up to 20% tips for all artists, include aftercare products for all clients and fund continous improvements in our experience.

Your initial reservation deposit counts towards your final price of your tattoo.

All Ephemeral tattoos are currently done in black ink since it’s the most popular color, is preferred by most tattoo artists, and looks great with fine line work.

You must be 18+ to get an Ephemeral tattoo, regardless of parental consent.